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An award from “Awards for all Scotland” enabled us to provide free or heavily subsidised Five day cruises for young people from 12 to 18.

The project went well and a report is available. The report includes testimonial of the very significant benefits to the participants.  

Groups included Aspergers syndrome in partnership with Reality.  Young carers in partnership with Lorn young carers, a small group recruited through Stramash. And several groups of children from Inner City Edinburgh in partnership with City Life.

Recreational cruises

Several cruises were offered to International students mainly from China Indonesia and Thailand.  These were run in partnership with contacts from Jesmond Parish Church Newcastle.  We have reports of people who have sailed with us finding faith and participating actively in their home churches.

We provided a Celtic Way Cruise for one church group to explore the christian celtic heritage of the Isles.  This was stimulating and beneficial.

As in past years, a cruise was provided for the support of the drug rehabilitation programme of Teen challenge.

A Highlight was a 2 week cruise in the Western Isles with a Spectacular visit to St Kilda.

Partnership with Oban High School was disappointing although one student gained his Yachtmaster practical and several students sailed with us as part of other groups.

Download report

Project report.pdf