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Our Christian Ethos

As an organisation we try to live by the teaching of Jesus and the Bible.  We don’t expect that of those who sail with us who come from every faith and perhaps no faith at all.

We simply try to help, encourage and value everyone.

If you want to find out more about a simple, practical and  uncomplicated Christian faith you can ask us questions, but better have a look at some of the links on this page.

One request, if you are suspicious,doubt or are antagonistic to christianity, please do not confuse western  culture (the so called christian culture) with simple way of life taught by Jesus.

We believe that genuine faith and practical love make a difference.


This site provides information on a world wide programme of course explaining the meaning of life from a Christian view point.


An article by Matthew Parris Tiimes on line

A view point

Westward Quest is a Christian Charity. But I don’t like the term Christian The word has lost it meaning.

To some it is associated with the behaviour of medieval crusaders or people with a narrow or bigoted view of the world.

But the Word means anointed person.

That is someone signed up for a special task: to right the wrongs of the world: cruelty, poverty lonlyness and injustice. To demonstrate the love of god in practical ways. Not just talk.

You may think that is arrogant, but you need to meet our Boss, He is awesome.

Well strictly speaking Christian means “a wee anointed person”, and I admit to making a pretty wee contribution, but Again you should meet the Boss.

Just watch out He may sign you up too.