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 Brendon’s Seat

The Isle of Seil is the ideal place to start a Celtic Trail, To Search for the lost Island of Hinba or explore the heritage of Celtic Christianity.

Start with a visit to Dunad the ancient capital of Dalriada.

Visit the museum at Kilmartinand then return to Seil.

A walk up the Hill known as Brendon’s seat will take you to an ancient Chair carved out of rock, which may have been used in pre Christian times for fixing the Winter solstice.

The highest point of the Hill is the amazing view which tradition tell us was the favourite place of St Brendon the Navigator.  Who built his first cell or Church at Port Mohr near the present day Church which bears his name.

A 9th Centuray manuscript describes his voyage to the land promised to the saints of a future age and was the subject of a book by Tim Severin “The Brendon Voyage”

In the church of Kilbrandon on the Cuan Road you can watch a short video which gives a taste of the Islands history.

You can download some documents which will be of interest to students of Celtic Church History.

Voyage to Hinba Reprint from AAHS Journal

In Search of Hinba powerpoint.`


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The life of St Columba.          

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