Park at the south end of Loch Seil beside the track that leads into the Rara Forest.

Pass through the gate on the opposite side of the road and walk up the track keeping to the right when it divides.

You will pass a ruined house, Duachy Croft, just before a ford where a track runs of to the right leading to the standing stones. Keep to the main track and pass through the two gates beside a large grey barn.  Be aware that this is a feeding station for cattle.  They may be curious but should not harm you in any way.  

To the right you can see the remains of an ancient settlement thought to be possibly bronze age. This lies at the end of the Dubh Loch.

After passing through the gates at the Barn continue along the track for about 100 yards noting a wire fence on the left. At the corner of this fence leave the track and follow it up the hill.

The ground is rough and stony and only suitable for well shod visitors.  When you come to the top corner of the fence about 100 yards or less continue to follow the fence to the left until in a bout 10 yards you see the remains of a low stone wall running up the hill.  Follow this wall keeping to the north (right) side of the wall.  In about 100 yards you will come into an natural amphitheatre  at the top centre of which you will see the seat cut out of rock

The seat is only about 5 yards from the remains of the wall that you have been following.

After visiting the seat it is worth walking on to the highest point of the hill where there are the remains of a Dun or hut circle.  The view here is one of the finest in Argyll.  You can see why it is thought to have been St Brendan’s favourite place to sit.

Car park NM 801,199

Fence NM 799,196

St Brendon’s Seat NM 798,206

Top of the Hill called Brendon’s Seat NM 794,205

Standing stones NM 802,205