Nicholas Gilmour of Balvicar wrote in Historic Argyll LAHS No 13 2008 p51 about a stone seat which is to be found on the hillside to the NW of Dubh Loch.

He conjectures that it might have been related to the Standing stones on the other side of the Loch and that remains of an ancient settlement might be a bronze age village.  While we cant be certain about that The seat is man made. The seat is at the top of a natural amphitheatre on the hillside which would make an ideal place for an outdoor meeting.

Given that the farm is called Duachy which means the meeting place it seems highly probable that the site with the chair is the Duachy.  It is likly to have been used by the Druids who used the stones to determine the summer solstice.

Further if you sit in the chair at the sun rise on the winter solstice the sun can be observed rising in a natural hollow in the hillside across Loch Seil.  At that time the sun reflects off the chaair which is clearly visible from the stones. The presence of the remains of a Crannog in Loch Seil adds to the argument that this was a centre of some importance in antiquity.

The seat is referred to locally as Brendan’s seat which is also the name given to the hillside between Dubh Loch and The Clachan Sound. This is known in gaelic as Suidhe Bhreanian. The Hill is said to be St Brendan’s favourite place to sit.  If you climb up to the Highest point at NM794 205

There is a magnificent view over the Isle of Seil and Firth of Lorn.  Almost certainly it would have been a place to meditate. S circular feature on the hilltop is about the same size and shape as the graveyard on Eileach an Naoimh  and might be either the remains of a monks cell or a small burial place.  It has not been investigate and is under threat of being destroyed by a wind turbine.

This St Brendon was Brendan the Navigator who is thought to have sailed a curragh made from Wood and oak tanned hides to the coast of America.

The site is of considerable historic interest and worth a visit even if only for the scenery, wild life, and ancient stone chair.

“The Druids Seat”

Seat at Solstice

Brendan's Seat


Brendan's Seat