Robert and Maura Rae agree to hire the semi detached cottage Ardara Beag to

----------------------------------------------------------------- (the hirer)

Including fixtures and fittings pertaining thereto (The Subjects) for the period

FROM -----------------date           am/pm    year 2003  (commencement date)     

TO       -----------------date           am/pm   year 2003 ( termination date)

Inclusive( the period of hire) Subject to the under noted terms and conditions contained in the schedule of terms and conditions annexed and relevant hereto.

1. The subjects shall at all times be used for holiday purposes only and for no other purposes whatsoever.

2. At least 14 days prior to the commencement date the hirer shall deposit with the owner the sum of

£ _ _ _ _ _ _ _                     Sterling with the owner (The Deposit)


1. The cottage and contents are to be used for holiday purposes only

2. The price is agreed at  £ ------------  payable in advance

3. A security deposit of £100 should be paid on arrival this will be refunded less any charges for breakage electricity etc.

4. The cottage shall be kept clean and tidy and left in this condition.

5. No animals. Except guide dogs with permission.

6. Smoking and recreational drugs are not permitted

On behalf of the Hirer,I\We hereby undertake and accept the terms and conditions specified in this Agreement comprising this page and the Schedule of Conditions annexed as relative hereto.

(Signature)................ (Signature)...............