Ancient stone seat

on Brendan’s Seat near Seil

Dec 21st 2010-12-21 The sunrise was photographed from the carved stone seat known as Brendon’s Seat on the hill of that name which lies between Loch Dubh and the Clachan Sound.� This is on the Duachy farm. (Duachy is Gaelic for the meeting place.)

The seat faces 151deg true and if you sit against the smooth back to the left side of the seat it faces 153 deg T, exactly facing the col in the hillside across Loch Seil valley,.� The col is to the NE of Creag Loisgte on the Raera Hill. The seat lies at the centre of a natural amphitheatre on the hillside. And would be a good meeting place.

At 0944 it was light but the sun was below  the hill top

By 0948 the sun rise could just be seen in the col.

From 0950 till 1000 The sun rose in the gap of the hill and was quite spectacular for anyone sitting in the seat.The seat could clearly be used for viewing the winter solstice sun rise.

The seat appears to have been smoothed in such a way as to be comfortable for the back of the knees and is located at the centre of a flattish hollow on the hillside above� Loch Dubh.� There are remains of a crannog on Loch Seil nearby. Also remains of a settlement by the South of the loch which have not yet been dated.

The stones which point to the Summer solstice bear 149 deg T from the seat which can be clearly seen from the standing stones.� The seat is lit by the� winter solstice sun.

A stone of similar type and dimensions to the standing stones lies in a wall which bears about151deg T from the seat. It is tempting to speculate that it might have been located 30 meters to the south where it would have acted as a winter solstice sun rise sighting stone.

How to get there

How to get to Brendon's Seat